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As the first newsletter of 2013, the Ending Poverty Team is casting its vision forward to what we hope to accomplish by the end of the year.

Reducing the Impact

At the end of 2013…

  • …interested system-wide and neighbourhood partners will be implementing a coordinated Basic Needs system strategy, building on the 2012 work of the Basic Needs Beacon team
  • …Family Centres will have a shared understanding of how basic needs are delivered in their communities and will be implementing strategies to increase neighbourhood access to basic needs
  • gLean on Me! will have increased the amount of fresh food available to low income Londoners
  • …food security stakeholders will be working on implementing Council’s direction on the creation of a Food Policy Council

Breaking the Cycle

At the end of 2013…

  •  …London will have an active Circles group helping move community members out of poverty
  • …the number of Microloans distributed will have grown significantly
  • … the near-term evaluation for the Grade 7 Wraparound project will have informed the evolution of education, literacy and employment strategies for Ending Poverty

Awareness and Policy

At the end of 2013…

  • …multiple boards and ED’s will have heard the awareness message regarding the complexities and impacts of poverty and will have identified ways they can make change in their organizations
  • …we hope to see statistics that indicate more Londoners are being efficiently and appropriately referred to services that meet their needs
  • …youth will have created videos about poverty that are promoted through the network and beyond
  • …the CYN will have endorsed and published a response to the social assistance review recommendations