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The Westminster Working Group continues to do great work with respect to healthy eating and physical activity in Westminster. At the present time, HEHPA staff members are continuing to support the Westminster residents as they implement their Neighbourhood Action Plan.

HEHPA Image 1 March 2013A big congratulation goes out to the Westminster Working Group for winning the Million Tree Neighbourhood Challenge.  The prize for winning this challenge will be a $50,000 enhancement to Westminster’s neighbourhood parks! This prize will help Westminster further increase the number and quality of physical activity opportunities offered to residents in the neighbourhood.

In order to generate even more excitement HEHPA Image 2 March 2013about the Westminster Working Group, the residents in Westminster hosted a Neighbourhood Open House on January 17th at Laurier S.S. The goal of the open house was to showcase the successes and accomplishments of the group, to recruit new members, and to begin planning new objectives for the next three years.

The event was a huge success, with over 150 excited residents in attendance. A large amount of feedback was collected from residents with respect to things they would like to see happen in their neighbourhood to improve and increase healthy eating and physical activity opportunities.

HEHPA Image 3 March 2013The goal is to successfully transition out of the Westminster neighbourhood and into the Medway neighbourhood, the new HEHPA neighbourhood selected and endorsed by members of the CYN. The transition will begin in the Spring of 2013 and will continue through the Summer and early Fall. The transition will involve ensuring the Westminster Working Group is supported enough to continue their great work but with less and less support from HEHPA staff. So far, the residents have completely taken ownership of their work and are well on their way to becoming a very self-sufficient and sustainable residents group!

In other HEHPA news, 2013 is poised to be a very busy year filled with big impact projects.  As planning tables convene for both the Access Pass and the inmotion™ Challenge.  The Access Pass aims to let all grade 5’s in London have access to recreational facilities and programs.  The Access Pass will look to eliminate barriers to physical activity, hoping to give Grade 5’s a chance to get involved, and realize the impacts of physical activity as they grow.  The inmotionChallenge is going to be a 30-day community wide challenge, encouraging Londoner’s to get up and get active, as we aim to be the most active community in Canada! 

Both the Access Pass and inmotionChallenge are scheduled to being in the autumn, and as planning continues updates will be made.  All CYN partners are encouraged to help build anticipation for these programs!