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Making it easier for children, youth and families to connect to services in their neighbourhood. London has a great range of services for families that are located throughout the community. Our goal is to develop a more family centred service system that makes the full range of services more accessible to families. In order to do this, we are developing a culture of collaboration and inter-professional practice and establishing a network of Family Centres that bring services together through a single door approach.

In each Family Centre, families will be able to access a core group of services and, when necessary, get connected to more specialized services. Types of services include:

  • Parenting and Early Learning Programs (e.g. Parenting Attachment Programs, Play Groups or Language Development Programs)
  • Education, Early Childhood Education and Child Care (e.g.. Centre-based Licensed Child Care, Licensed Non-traditional Hours Care, etc.)
  • Public Health and Wellness (e.g. Pre-natal Support, Post-natal or Early Screening & Assessment)
  • Recreation, Sports and Leisure (e.g. Physical Activity Programming, Arts/Culture Programming, etc.)
  • Referral, Resources, Information and Awareness (e.g. Child Care Fee Subsidy Access, Family Literacy, Basic Needs Supports, Children’s Mental Health Service Referral, etc.)

The Family-Centred Service System strategy is fundamentally about strengthening families – about helping them access the supports they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives.