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For CYN partners wishing to include information in the e-bulletin, please see the CYN e-bulletin and email request protocol below; the use of links rather than attachments is encouraged. 

CYN E-newsletter & Email Request Protocol

Acceptable Notices: The CYN is pleased to share useful information with our members. If you would like to notify the CYN about events, initiatives, or news that would be of benefit to the Network, please send an email following the process and format described below and your message may be distributed via the CYN e-newsletter or a bi-weekly email. Information that is not aligned with the goals and purpose of the Child and Youth Network will not be distributed (at the discretion of CYN administrators). Examples of items that would not be appropriate for distribution include: fundraising events, political or partisan notices, and personal information. The purpose of this protocol is to provide useful information to CYN members while respecting members desire to limit the volume of CYN related messages they receive.

Process: Send your email to cyn [at] (cyn[at]london[dot]ca) prior to the 1st or 15th day of each month.

Format: Please send the following information in the body of an email with the subject marked CYN Distribution Request. Items must be received in this format to be distributed:

  • Subject (less than 10 words).
  • Brief Description (one paragraph - less than 100 words).
  • Links (please provide a link to further information).

Attachments: (The use of links rather than attachments is encouraged. Attachments must be less than 1MB).